How to prolong a tan

Mariah Wellman

Students sauntered back to campus on March 23 with memories of Spring Break, some with bronzed skin that stood out among those who did not spend their break lying on a beach. Soon enough, the tans will fade and thoughts of Spring Break will be replaced with cramming for finals and moving home for the summer. Stay in the beach bum mindset and try these tips to prolong that sun-kissed glow. 

Moisturizing is the number one most important thing to do to keep your tan lasting long after you return from the beach. Use lotions and body butter every day, more than once if you have naturally dry skin. Try a coconut body butter to remind you of the hot beaches and smell of sunscreen. 

Exfoliate weekly to refresh your skin cells. It helps remove the parched, dull cells on the top of your skin and prepare for self-tanning that you may do in the future. 

The first part of your body to lose the bronzed glow is your face. Using a facial self tanner can be useful. Gradual self tanners are the best. Remember to apply slowly, with small amounts at a time. With facial self tanner, you can always put more on, but once you cross the line there is no going back. 

The next step would be to start using a gradual tanner for your body. Using body lotions with color enhancers after getting out of the shower is the best option if one is on a budget and doesn’t want to spend the money at a tanning salon. Gradual self tanners are safe, easy to use and inexpensive. 

Drink water to keep yourself hydrated. When someone is dehydrated, their skin is the first thing to lose water. Staying hydrated is beneficial for all cells, including the tanned ones on the surface of your body. 

Finally, wear white. Wearing white is the tried-and-true test to making your skin seem darker. Wearing white on top, closest to your face, and topping off your daily makeup routine with a light coat of bronzer will have everyone thinking you just stepped off the beach.