Fashion and beauty hack: Lipstick has multiple uses

Rachel Geronimo

Lipstick doesn’t always have to be applied directly to the lips. There are many ways to use your favorite lipstick, making it a must when carrying a small purse on a night out. 

Use it as an eyelid primer:

Choose a neutral lipstick color on the lids. Use this product as an eye primer to make the eyeshadow look brighter and last longer.

Use it as an eye shadow:

Pick a shade that works well with your skin complexion. Rub the ring finger directly on the lipstick, then apply the product on in a windshield wiper motion to the lid. Set the product with translucent powder to help keep the product flush against the lid and last throughout the day. 

Use it as a blush:

Don’t fret if you ran out of blush before a big night. Lightly apply a pink or red lipstick on the cheekbones with a ring finger. Set the blush with translucent powder for long-lasting wear.