10 things to do on a night in

Bailey Freestone

As a college student it can sometimes seem like there is nothing else to do on a Friday or Saturday night than drink. Well, in fact, there are plenty of other things to do that are still fun and possibly productive. Here’s a list of 10 things you could be doing on a night in.

  1. Movie night: This one seems pretty obvious, but of course I had to put it on the list. Whether it is a movie night for one or you have a few friends stop by, this is probably one of the easiest things to do. All you need to do is pick out a few movies and pop some popcorn.
  2. Game night: Another obvious and simple choice. Just invite a few friends over and you can have yourself an entertaining night playing board games, card games or even Mario Kart on the N64.
  3. Pillow/blanket fort: So what if you’re 20 years old? This is always a great idea. And hey, it goes great with No. 1 and No. 2.
  4. DIY: Everyone has a long list of projects they have found on the Internet that they would like to try out. So what better time than a night in?
  5. Cooking: Who has time to cook a real meal while in college? Spend a night in with a few friends and make that delicious four-course meal you saw on Facebook.
  6. Catch up with friends: Call up some of your old friends and invite them over for a little while. There is not much more entertaining than hanging out with a few good friends reminiscing about all the crazy things you have done together. Remember, this is even better when you all put away your cell phones, tablets and laptops and actually talk.
  7. Dance party: Get out the stereo system that you would normally use for your parties, but blast some old-school music and dance like nobody is watching. If there is someone watching, you have made their night a little more exciting.
  8. Read: This might sound like a lame choice, but sitting down with a good book can be almost as great as binge watching Netflix.
  9. Clean: Now we are just getting into the obvious productive and less fun things. But once you deep clean your room or entire apartment, you don not have to do it for another month. It is still better than homework and you can make it fun by including No. 7 while cleaning.
  10. Relax: This might be the most obvious on this list, but there is nothing better than chilling on the couch and catching up on social media.