Esaw: Leave social media behind when traveling home for the holidays

Destiny Esaw

Social Media Downgraded The Holidays

Over time, social media has became a popular outlet. Nearly everyone and everybody feels they have to be a part of it. Social media has become a virus that no one can find a cure for. Every second of the day someone is on their phone. Most of us wake up and check our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat. It has affected our generation drastically to a point where during a family outing, we’re on our phones instead of paying attention to what’s important: family.

During the holidays, everyone wants to be in the presence of their loved ones and it doesn’t matter if its boyfriend, girlfriend, mother, father, aunts or grandparents. Nothing says “the holidays” more than family. When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait for the holidays. I couldn’t wait to smell that certain scent that ensured it’s the holidays. I couldn’t wait to see my older fun cousins who lived out of state, or to see my favorite jittery auntie who wears too much perfume.

The holidays are supposed to remind families just how important each and every member is to each other. No matter how far away they moved from their hometown, when it’s the holidays everyone comes back, sitting on their grandmother’s couch, eating her food, which they missed all year and reminiscing about when they were kids.

Now, social media has became a popular trend and when my cousins come home, we just sit in each other’s presence and use our phones. Yeah we still reminisce, but not as much because were too busy on social media sites making sure we don’t miss out on what’s trending. 

I feel like I have to look on social media to see what everyone else is doing for the holidays and I have to share my outfit and show that I’m having fun with my family with all of my followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Because of this, the word “holidays” doesn’t have a deep effect anymore. The holidays are still important but not as much because most of us are on our phones and want some alone time while we text our friends and share our selfies. So this holiday season we should just put our phones away and enjoy family.