Voting 101: Registration and polling locations


Richard Martinez/Iowa State Daily

Find out where you need to vote.

Makayla Tendall

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  • Iowa allows same-day voter registration, meaning Iowans can register the day they vote. 
  • To register you must have proof of address, like as a piece of mail with your name on it, and your ID.  


  • Voting on Nov. 4 must be done at student’s precinct location only, which can be found on the Story County Auditor’s webpage

Locations for students in campus housing

  • Maple Hall, conference room M01B: students who live at Barton, Birch, Elm, Freeman, Larch, Linden, Lyon, Maple, Oak, Roberts, Welch and Willow
  • Memorial Lutheran Church: students who live at Buchanan, University Towers, 119-300 Stanton Ave. and 217-303 Welch Ave. 
  • UDCC: students who live at Eaton, Friley, Helser and Martin.
  • Fire Service Training Bureau at 3100 Haber Road: students who live at Frederickson Court. 
  • University Baptist Church: students who live in Wilson.
  • Collegiate Presbyterian Church: students at 125 Campus Ave.