Letter: Review Branstad’s record and reelect

Students are lucky to have Governor Branstad and Lieutenant Governor Reynolds running for re-election. They are two of the most effective managers that this state has ever seen.

Reducing the cost of higher education with tuition freezes and investing in K-12 education at record levels? Check. Balancing our state budget? Check. Recruiting businesses to the tune of $9 billion in our economy? Check. Reducing unemployment by nearly 30 percent? Check. Putting more women in leadership in state government than ever before? Check.

So many other states are struggling to accomplish even one portion of these metrics. Yet Gov. Branstad is someone who knows state government operations and can manage it effectively. Lt. Gov. Reynolds has been a champion for STEM education, especially for women. Both are open and transparent with Iowans as they go to all 99 counties every year and hold a weekly press conference. These things are just unheard of in the modern era.

I strongly encourage you to vote for this team. Their plans for increased broadband, lower college costs, reduced student debt and better jobs will bring a bright future to Iowa on top of a powerful record of achievements they already have behind them.