A haunted campus: The list goes on

Vanessa Franklin

Grab some salt, sage, and an EMF detector and strap on your Ghostbusters gear because Iowa State’s campus is haunted. Here are some of the places on campus that are said to be the home to spooky specters. Enter at your own risk!

1. The Farm House

This is supposedly the most haunted place on campus. Being the oldest building on campus, it has had the most time to collect ghost stories. There are common reports of locked doors, flickering lights, moving objects and inexplicable noises.

2. Gold Star Hall

The ghost of Hortense Wind supposedly haunts the Gold Star Hall. There have been reports of a strange whistling sound and upon investigation it was found that there was nothing in the Hall that could have been making that kind of sound.

3. Fisher Theatre

One of the founders of the theatre program, Frederica Shattuck is said to haunt the theater. Shattuck donated her wheelchair to the theatre program. One day during a rehearsal, it is said that her wheelchair moved onstage by itself to center stage as if she were going to perform.

4. MU Hotel

Staff at the hotel have reported seeing shadows of feet under doors in vacant rooms and hearing inexplicable noises at night.

5. Barton Residence Hall

Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross, is said to haunt this residence hall. She is said to be a “nice” ghost who looks after students.

6. Linden Residence Hall

Some students have reported seeing the ghost dress in his football gear. Also, it is said that the reason there is no mirror at the end of the hall on the second floor is because there were multiple instances of people looking into the mirrors-but more than one reflection was staring back.

7. Freeman Residence Hall

The ghost of Alice Freeman is said to haunt this residence hall. According to urban legend, if you shut both parlor doors, she will appear to open them back up. She is said to be a helpful ghost, as she is known for making beds.

8. Friley Residence Hall

“Mr. Big” is the ghost who may be causing cool drafts and unexplainable sounds. It is said that he wears dress clothes and a top hat.

9. C.Y. Stephens Auditorium

 This auditorium is said to be haunted by C.Y. Stephens himself. It has been reported that his ghost has been seen in the back right corner of the third balcony many times.