Atheist and Agnostic Society


Illustration: Blake Lanser/Iowa State Daily

Some students struggle with telling others their beliefs, especially when the question of one’s faith is brought up. Some students will not admit their beliefs for fear of judgment.

Emily Eppens

If students are looking for a support group to understand their atheist or agnostic identity, they have the chance to join the Atheist and Agnostic Society for their new reverse Sunday school.

Reverse Sunday school will have discussions on Bible passages shared at other churches and discuss their academic and theological history. The group meets at 10:00 a.m. Sunday mornings. The place varies by week. 

Any student interested in joining the Sunday group or the closeted atheist group featured in this story can contact Christjahn Beck at [email protected]

Students can join a number of religion or lack-of-religion clubs or organizations on campus by going to the Iowa State club’s and organization’s page.