Online Only: Domestic Violence Statistics in Iowa

Michaela Ramm

Domestic violence is a very real issue, and it effects people everywhere, even in Iowa. Here are some statistics on the issue here in Iowa.

Domestic abuse between boyfriends and girlfriends in 2009: 51.7 percent

Domestic abuse between spouses in 2009: 26.8 percent

16 to 25 year olds account for 36.1 percent of incidents

A weapon was used in 18 percent of reported incidents

Use of drugs and alcohol accounted for 19 percent of reported incidents

Every day in 2011, 302 children stay in domestic violence shelters in Iowa

According to a 2006 national study, an estimated 15.5 million children live with families where partner violence takes place.

70 percent of abusers grew up in violent homes as children

If you are experiencing domestic violence or are aware of someone who is, contact the Assault Care Center Extending Shelter and Support in Ames on their website or through one of their crisis hotlines.

Sexual Abuse Crisis Line: 1-800-203-3488

Domestic Violence Crisis Line: 1-855-983-4641

Shelter Services Crisis Line: 1-855-696-2980

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