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According to data gathered from Iowa State’s fact books, the cost of attendance at Iowa State has jumped 223% in the last 20 years.
The financial realities impacting the business of higher education
Jack McClellan, News reporter | May 30, 2023

Changes in universities’ funding mechanisms over the past 20 years have resulted in students across the U.S. paying disproportionately more...

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Hidden Heroes: Zach Gourley
Hidden Heroes: Zach Gourley
Hailey Dohnal, Assistant Sports Editor | May 30, 2023

AMES — Growing up on a farm just 45 miles north of Ames, Iowa, and hating art-related projects, Zach Gourley never saw himself doing anything...

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Bozz Prints store located in Des Moines.
Creators big and small find success on Etsy
Sophie Winkelpleck, Niche Editor | May 29, 2023

Editor's Note: This story was updated to include more of the artists work. Whether it’s creating designs for fun to stay busy in the summer...

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A side view of Catt Hall at Iowa State University.
Adviser pay drives turnover
Raquel Zuniga, Academic Adviser | May 4, 2023

The Iowa State Daily ran a story April 24 on the struggles students face when they have frequent changes in advisers. Academic advisers play...

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