Fall trends pop on campus: Include new fads in your autumn closet

A simple white shirt and jeans make a nice scarf and more elaborate pair of sandals stand out. Accessorize with a bold watch.

Ali Hanson

Fall is in 14 days — as if no one’s counting down to what one could call the best season in Iowa.

With Mother Nature granting some amazing weather, it’s rude not to dress to her standards. Each season brings about new trends that will be forecasted by different publications such as Vogue and WhoWhatWear. The way the designers interpret the trends, however, is expected to be unlike how ISU college students might wear them. Read below for an overview of the predicted trends for fall 2014 and how to wear them around Ames.

Fall is when the flowers begin to dwindle and loose their high saturation. To blend with the natural colors and become a full-blown flower child, wear pastels. This trend can be used to its fullest with pastel encompassing the entire outfit or with a light satchel bag.

Refinery 29, an emerging fashion website, featured speckled and oversized pullover knit sweaters on their “Fall Wardrobe Essentials” list. To cater the trend to changing fall climates, rock a knitted tank. This creates less bulk and lengthens the weeks of usage until the leaves start to fall.

Bright colored fur and shaggy hair will be seen on coats and jackets from fall into winter. This trend is quite unpractical in Iowa and might cause one to stand out drastically, which is not for everyone. To tone down the trend, wear a short fur vest over a solid long sleeve shirt.

Minimal embellishments have been around for a few seasons, but recently designers have maximized the size of the jewels and pendants and went a little crazy with the volume on each garment. Some stores, like Alto Milano, have added delicate embellishments to the sides of ankle socks for a hidden touch.

Leather is always around, whether people consciously notice it or not. Full leather get-ups and matching sets are appearing more, but the comfort level of these pieces is minimal. To allow breathability, especially in a congested lecture hall, wear garments that have hints of leather incorporated. Examples are sweaters with leather elbow patches, shirts with a leather trim or leather sleeves and pants with strips of leather panels along the outer side seams.

The monochromatic trend looks effortless if done right and can make an outfit look professionally polished. With a cold shoulder to the old rule that no one should wear white after Labor Day, all white styling is in. The color is easy to pair because anything labeled as white will be white — rather than ivory or cream — creating unison from head to toe. One textured piece, such as fur or leather, helps to separate the garments from one another and add definition.

Sports can influence style more than people realize. Anything with mesh, spandex or jersey-style numbers derived from an athletic standpoint, and the term “Sports Luxe” has now formed. Sports Luxe is when high fashion has an athletic influence, so these pieces will not have full performance levels in a cardio class. Dressier sweatpants with a curve-revealing fit are easy ways to be a step above the other comfort-conscious students on campus. Neon tennis shoes are a fun way to add color to any closet and it creates individuality from the popular Chuck Taylors.

Channeling an inner fairytale fantasy, capes of all dimensions are appearing. Just when ponchos were being accepted into society, the level was taken up an octave and the idea of Little Red Riding Hood capes were introduced. Some are more dramatic than others, but in a simple pattern or single tone, it could be incorporated into a college student’s wardrobe. The jacket is a unique piece to set individuals apart.