Titus: Football safety in Iowa City

While it is good fun to go to Iowa City for this weekend’s football game, there are always those people who forget it does not mean they don’t have to obey any rules just because they are not at home. Here are a few things to remember when traveling for the weekend. 

1. Just because Vodka Sam can do it doesn’t mean you should try. Drinking is fun and all, but going to jail hours away from your hometown will not be so fun when you are trying to find someone to bail you out. Keep your wits about you. 

2. A word to the wise for minors. If you think that the police are going to crack down on you at Jack Trice Stadium, you should see what it is like at Kennick Stadium. Don’t risk it. Stay smart and come home without a minor in possession.

3. In a sea of people, it can be easy to get separated from your friends. In stadiums as aggressive as the University of Iowa, it may be in your best interest to run in packs. 

4. Remember to be a good sport. Iowa is notorious for giving the visiting team a hard time. We do not want that kind of reputation to follow us home. Casual banter is fine, but crossing the line and making threats can get you in trouble.

5. Lastly, stay safe. Overconsumption of alcohol, fighting and going to jail are not the kind of stories you want to bring home, and everything you do in your college years can follow you forever. Enjoy yourself, but be smart.

The Cy-Hawk game is our school’s largest rivalry, but a win isn’t worth it if you miss half the game after being escorted out of the stands to go to jail. Have fun, stay safe and GO CYCLONES.