Snyder: Nine things to know about the Power 5

Stephen Snyder

Check out these nine things to know about unionization and Power 5 autonomy.

1. The unionization of athletes at Northwestern University means that they are officially recognized as employees of the university.

2. The allowance of unionization was made by the National Labor Relations Board but could potentially be overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court.

3. The NCAA opposes unionization, which could have been a major factor in the NCAA’s decision to allow for autonomy. This way they could possibly control the coming changes.

4. The Power 5 conferences are the ACC, SEC, Pac 12, Big 10 and Big 12.

5. Only 64 universities make up the Power 5 conferences, yet decisions they make could someday apply to every NCAA-affiliated university.

6. No compensation rule that is created must apply to every school as each will have the ability to decide which of the new rules will apply to its individual schools.

7. Compensation could come in the form of guaranteed scholarships, paid stipends or potentially future healthcare plans.

8. The decision is not set in stone. It can be taken off the table if 75 schools choose to veto the new system by Oct. 6.

9. Iowa State has already made steps toward improving the well-being of its athletes, instituting an unlimited meal package for athletes, perhaps pointing to Iowa State’s willingness to change the current system.