Do’s and don’ts of tailgating

Katie Titus

As most returning students are already aware, there is a fine line as to what is allowed when it comes to tailgating and what is not. In order to stay out of the way of the law this football season, here are some do’s and don’ts of tailgating.


Get to your tailgating area early. This is especially important if you do not have a reserved area. In order to reserve a spot you must arrive early to set up.

Be courteous to the tailgaters around you! As the day progresses, people tend to get more and more rowdy, but remember that not everybody is going to be partying as hard as you are and probably don’t want you to be in their campsite every five minutes.

Remember to hydrate — beer does not hydrate. At the beginning of the year, it is still very warm and it is easy for people to get dehydrated and start to feel sick. Drink water if you plan on being able to make it to the game that day.

Remember that if you are going to bring a drink to keep it in a plastic bottle so that, if you drop it, there will not be shattered glass in your tailgating area.

Eating during or before tailgating is important. If you plan on drinking throughout the day, and you’ve eaten hardly anything all day, chances are by the time the game rolls around you are going to be too tired to cheer.


Never wear Hawkeye clothes to an ISU tailgate. 

If you think that your body is going to run all day on solely beer, you are dead wrong. During the day it is important to keep eating and drinking water if you plan on going to the game later on.

Do not break the common sense rules. Jaywalking with thousands of cars everywhere is probably not a good idea.

Underage drinking tends to be a problem during the football season. Believe it or not, there are police officers at tailgates, and if they do not think you are old enough to drink they can and will ticket you. Save yourself from getting a minor in possession citation by planning ahead and being careful at tailgates.

Do not try to sneak alcohol into the football games. Iowa State does not allow drinking in the stadium, and if you are caught trying to take alcohol into the stadium you risk the chance of being taken to jail.

Overall, football season is a fun time for students and alumni to come together and celebrate being Cyclones. If you follow these tips, hopefully you and all of your friends will have a good time and stay out of trouble.