McLaughlin: Veishea Cancellation to distance name from rioting

Curran Mclaughlin

I don’t think I really need to go into detail on the public disturbance on Campustown this Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning.

Students across campus were extremely disappointed to learn Wednesday that President Steven Leath had decided to suspend all Veishea activities after 5 p.m.

This will be the first time that Veishea has been cancelled since 2005 after the incident that happened in 2004.

Much of the student population has echoed the same mindset. Why are we punishing the students who stayed out of trouble? It was the mob of drunkards who were chanting USA while destroying property that are the problem.

What is cancelling Veishea going to do anyways? The kids who want to drink will just keep drinking and probably will try to do more damage as retaliation for what President Leath did to them.

I agree that taking away school sanctioned activities aren’t going to stop those who are daring enough to get blackout drunk on a weeknight.

That said, I don’t think cancelling Veishea was really for stopping unerage drinking and riots.

Iowa State almost certainly wasn’t thrilled that our university appeared on national tv. That’s not publicity any school wants. Nor should it’s students for that matter. It makes our school look like it openly enrolls neanderthals and crooks.

Iowa State more than likely pulled Veishea to save face. To distance a time honored tradition that has been with the university for almost a century. If Iowa State would have just ignored what happened and continued on, it would look like they would be condoning the vandalism and violence.

As much as I think that punishing all of us because of a group of bad apples. I don’t want our university to have a reputation of student riots.

The festival’s name itself is tainted with the word riot, ever since the late 80s to 90s. Which is sad and disappointing considering since Veishea is an acronym for the colleges that existed with the festival’s creation in 1922. Partiers seem to think that it’s just an excuse to party harder.

Maybe it’s time for Iowa State to put down Veishea for good.