GSB on bike-share prototypes

Brian Voss

The Jan. 22 Government of the Student Body senate meeting will include a bill to fund the prototypes for the bike-share program. The bill would fund prototypes of each of the bicycles that would be designed by Iowa State students currently taking Industrial Design 302.

GSB Vice President Hillary Kletscher said students and staff would have an opportunity to view each of the prototypes when complete.

Kletscher also said the bill is an opportunity to invest in student’s education and give Iowa State students an experience they can put on their resumes that will help them get jobs and enhance their educational experience.

“This program is an opportunity for students in multiple majors, fields and student organizations from across the university to partner on something that is much larger than themselves,” Kletscher said.

Kletscher said this plan will allow there to be opportunities to have multiple different designs and allow students and staff to give input on what they like.

“In the real world, if you’re going to have a project you’re going to do multiple different designs, you’re going to pick one design, refine it, move forward with it, move onto the next step, have multiple different ways you can go, pick one, then move forward,” Kletscher said.

Michael Plantenberg, committee chair for the university affairs committee, said the bike-share program is a project Kletscher has been working on since fall of 2012 when she was a senator and on the university affairs committee.

“Hillary came and spoke with all of UA last week, and it seemed like it was very well-received by almost every member,” Plantenberg said.

The bike-share program was one of the landmark projects that the Hughes-Kletscher campaign ran for office on last spring.

Currently, the bill is written in a way that GSB would fund $5,095 of the cost while the university would fund another $10,087.

Also on the agenda is a bill to fund the GSB elections including Facebook advertisements mass emails and printing.

GSB senators will also be nominated to serve on the Fee Sharing Analysis Committee, which will determine how student fees should be split between GSB and the Graduate and Professional Senate (GPSS).

The senate meeting will take place at 7 p.m. in the Campanile Room of the Memorial Union.

The meeting agenda can be found at