Hillary Kletscher announces GSB, industrial design partnership for bike share program

Brian Voss

GSB Vice President Hillary Kletscher announced what she referred to as a twist in the bike share program.

“The industrial design department would like to custom design and implement a bike share program at Iowa State,” Kletscher said at Wednesday’s GSB meeting.

Kletscher called the chance to work with the industrial design department a “phenomenal opportunity” to engage students in a program that will change the university.

“They already know the culture of our university. They’re students too, just like us, just like everyone else. So having them work on the program not only helps our entire university, but it helps them too. We can literally help students help themselves,” Kletscher said.

Kletscher said this will allow the industrial design department to design projects specifically for a customer, which is something that currently does not happen a lot.

“This is exactly what it’s all about at a university, having students do these things and so. I’m just pumped out of my mind guys, I can’t even handle it, it’s just been a great week in bike share world,” Kletscher said.

On Thursday afternoon, a sustainability survey was sent out to students which included questions about the bike share program, in addition to other projects the GSB campus is currently working on.

“When we looked at the bike share questions, we did try to ask some of those monetary questions as well, because obviously it is an investment of student dollars,” Kletscher said.

Kletscher also believed moving forward with the industrial design department would allow more options for funding.

Kletscher said she has also been working with the purchasing department and is sending out a request for information.

“We’re finding out what the different options are for our campus and getting that information. So we’re not saying that we’ll select a company, but we’re just saying, help us learn about this so that we can understand what all of our options are, and we can make the best decision for our campus,” Kletscher said.

The bike share program has been in the works since President Spencer Hughes and Kletscher took office last spring.

The twitter account of ISU GSB President called the news of working with the industrial design department “an incredible partnership for @isugsb.”