Camp Adventure sends ISU students abroad

Brian Day

Traveling around the world and working with children are just a couple of the experiences that students can gain from participating in ISU’s Camp Adventure program.

According to the Camp Adventure website, Camp Adventure is a non-profit organization that sends ISU students to multiple locations around the world to work with children and youths on U.S. military bases.

Some of  the different destinations that students can go through this program are: Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, China, Okinawa, Guam and many U.S. cities. 

While there, the students will organize and lead different programs for the children. Among these programs are: day camp, early childhood, middle school and aquatics.

“The main program that we offer is day camp, which is basically a summer camp with the kids and you take them on field trips, and do activities and group activities,” said Samantha Jones, president of ISU’s Camp Adventure Youth Services. “That’s typically our main program.”

The early childhood program has students work with infants up to five years old. The aquatics program has lifeguard certified students run swim lessons for the children. There are also a few smaller specialty programs that students can get involved with as well.

The majority of students go abroad for Camp Adventure for 10 to 12 weeks during the summer months.

However, students can also get an internship for an entire semester, or go on a shorter trip to Hawaii or Germany for winter break once they have completed a summer session and reached “veteran” status, Jones said. 

Any ISU student is eligible for the Camp Adventure program, but there is an application process and a GPA requirement. There is no foreign language requirement and you can also earn up to 12 undergraduate credits while you’re working, Jones said. 

While some students may be concerned about the financial commitment that comes along with going abroad, Camp Adventure is actually the cheapest way for Iowa State students to study abroad, Jones said.

“The total cost, usually, if you’re starting out is around $800 for the whole thing,” Jones said.

Included in that price is a fee for your 12 credits of $325, a liability fee, a uniform fee and a few fees for classes that you must take in order to be certified in lifeguarding and CPR if you’re not already, Jones said.

However, according to the website, the program does pay for all travel expenses, housing and gives students a daily living stipend.

“First and foremost, if you want to work with kids, this is a great way to branch out,” said Zoe Babowice, a third year participant in the program. “But then again, you also get the amazing opportunity to travel places that you probably would never be able to go for so cheap.”

Anyone interested in participating in the program can attend an informational meeting 6 to 8 p.m. on Nov. 21 in the Cardinal Room of the Memorial Union.