Christmas album featuring Iowa musicians in the works

Cole Komma

Imagine a horn-filled rendition of “Jingle Bells” recorded by a local band, Mumford’s or a crooning, soulful rendition of “White Christmas” sang by Christopher the Conquered. This is not just some fantasy of fans of the local music scene; it is actually an idea that may become a reality. 

“Lipstick Homicide for sure, I love Lipstick Homicide, Mumford’s, North of Grand. I’m a big North of Grand fan,” said Dan “Oldermusicgeek” Wren, who loves the central Iowa music scene. 

“I’m just a big fan of Christmas music. I know not everyone is, but I like it,” Wren said. “I listen to a lot of local music, but around Christmas time, there really isn’t much local Christmas stuff.”

Wren has begun reaching out to the aforementioned bands as well as bands such as Strong Like Bear, The Poison Control Center and Trouble Lights.

“I’ve been trying to find a rap act and a country act as well,” Wren said. “Just to show the different types of music we have in Iowa.”