Album Review: Sky Ferreria’s ‘Night Time, My Time’

Winthrop Isaacs

Noise pop songstress, Sky Ferreira breaks through the wall of doubt erected by critics and listeners alike with a debut that is sweet and melancholy as a sad clown with edible makeup. 

“24 Hours” could have easily been a single from Katy Perry’s new LP. It has a mediocre synthesizer phrase that breaks into a radio friendly bass-driven verse and chorus monologue about a day she never wants to end. The subdued verses and explosive choruses have been overused. The lyrics are simplistic but in her defense, Ferreria uses this to her advantage. 

Speaking of advantages, the “Everything is Embarrassing” singer has proven herself to be a very protean and versatile. Amid some truly terrible tunes, there are some true gems.

From the onset, the song “Boys” is actually enjoyable. It has a steady dance pop groove and keeps it high as far as intensity goes. Not only that, but for a pop song, its extremely noisy. The synthesizers roar like new-age dinosaurs and Ferreira soars over the verses until the chorus where she bursts into a catchy and beautiful vocal melody with some understated lyrics beneath.

Other highlights such as the preceding track, “Ain’t Your Right,” and “Nobody Asked Me (If I Was Okay)” build upon this noise pop premise and to a certain extent, resembles a beautiful picture of vulnerability.

Even when looking at the album cover, which is a picture of Sky Ferreira topless cloistered in what seems to be a shower with water film on the glass screen which have been wiped in such a way that shows Ferreira wet and vulnerable, peering into the camera with a terrified expression. It is actually refreshing given that many of her contemporaries reveal their body in order to cheaply gain a fan base based on sex appeal. Ferreria, on the other hand, uses her body as an extension of her music and persona. 

There is definitely something worthwhile in this release although I continue to straddle the fence on this album, in fact, enough to decree this as the most conflicting album of 2013.

If you really like pop music but do not want the guilt of listening to Lady Gaga, Rihanna or Katy Perry, then I highly suggest this album alongside artists such as electropop goddess M.I.A. and maybe noise rock titans Dinosaur Jr