Ames to participate in ’11 Days of Global Unity’

Brian Day

The city of Ames is set to participate in its sixth consecutive year of 11 Days of Global Unity.

This year starting Sept. 11, Ames will be hosting many activities throughout the 11 days and across the city and the university. These activities will conclude on Sept. 21, the U.N. National Day of Peace.

11 Days of Global Unity was created in 2004 where communities and organizations from different parts of the globe take part in promotions of justice, peace and environmental stewardship.

The program was created by the corporation We, The World, in an attempt to create awareness of an international movement for peace while also linking this awareness to action campaigns.

After a slow start to the program, more than 60 countries now host 11 Days events, including: webcasts, festivals, guest speakers and more than 700 concerts worldwide.

2006 marked the biggest 11 Days celebration that We, The World had ever seen. After collaboration with multiple other peace institutes, such as the MK Gandhi Institute, the programs began to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of Gandhi’s first nonviolent action on Sept. 11, 1906.

This year, students can get involved on campus by going to the Workspace in the Memorial Union and buying a magnet or button for 50 cents, which you can design with any message of peace that you would like. You can also buy a pre-designed button or magnet that has a “create peace” theme on it. Students can stop into the Workspace during its open hours any day during the 11 Days of Global Unity to design their button.

The Workspace also will host two other peace-related events for students during the 11-day period.

On Friday, Sept. 20, the Workspace will host Paint Your Own Pottery Night. This particular night’s theme will be peace.

“We have a bunch of peace ornaments, peace mugs and all different things like that that people can paint or do whatever they want on them,” said Letitia Kenemer, organizer of this year’s “Create Peace” activities at the Workspace.

On the night of Sept. 21, the Workspace has scheduled its first night of tai chi classes.

“I’ve attended a few classes at the Workspace before, and they’ve all been pretty enjoyable,” said Jackson Dougherty, junior in marketing. “I’m sure they will put on some great events.”