University Boulevard , Lincoln Way construction begins Monday

Katie Grunewald

University Boulevard concrete patching

Phase 1 of concrete patching repairs on University Boulevard began Monday.

The repairs will be completed in two phases, the second phase starting at the end of the month into early August.

Phase 1 will repair University Boulevard between Lincoln Way and Sixth Street, causing this section to close for up to two weeks.

Alternate routes onto campus during Phase 1 include Beach Road, N. Hazel Road to Sixth Street and Grand Avenue to either Sixth or 13th Street.

Phase 2 will cause lane closures from Sixth Street to Stange Road on University Boulevard, but a single lane of traffic will remain open in each direction. 

Lincoln Way asphalt

On July 15, crews began the process of laying the new asphalt on Lincoln Way between Hayward Avenue and Franklin Avenue.

The side streets south of Lincoln Way, including S. Wilmouth Avenue, State Avenue, Hyland Avenue and Sheldon Avenue, will be closed temporarily to allow the new surface to cool. 

The roads are scheduled to be reopened by the end of day Monday.