Iowa State among handful of schools to offer broomball


Photo: Adam Ring/Iowa State Dail

Iowa State students participate during the final night of summer intramural Broomball at ISU/Ames Ice Arena, July 18. Photo: Adam Ring/Iowa State Daily

Brian Day

Broomball’s popularity at Iowa State is in constant growth. The sport is a popular one among college students for many reasons.

Iowa State is one of just a handful of schools across the United States that has a broomball league. Other noteworthy universities that play broomball include the University of Colorado-Boulder, University of Minnesota, University of Michigan and Ohio State University.

With only a few select schools playing the sport, student demand to be on a team for the tournament each semester is extremely high. 

Linda Marticke, a program coordinator for Recreational Services, attributes the large number of students who play broomball to its uniqueness to Iowa State.

“It’s unique, and it’s special because it’s not offered very many places,” Marticke said. “I think Iowa State kind of pumps it up as a special sport too.”

The number of participants over the years has been on the rise. This past fall, more than 1,515 students were involved with the intramural; 1,127 men and 388 women on 195 teams. This spring for the co-ed tournament, there were 1,440 students involved on 171 teams.

A lot of time and preparation goes into the organization of a tournament the size of Iowa State’s broomball tournament. Coordination with the Ames/ISU Ice Arena is a big obstacle in getting the season underway.

“We have to work around Ames minor hockey, figure skating club, open skating and the ISU men’s and women’s hockey teams,” Marticke said.

Along with the scheduling of ice time with the Ames/ISU Ice Arena, finding and scheduling student referees to oversee the games takes quite a bit of time. Getting all the equipment washed, organized and put out can also take a substantial amount of time.

Andrew Galyon, sophomore in supply chain management, had his first experience with broomball this semester.

“I think students at ISU think broomball is so much fun because you can just get out there on the ice with your friends, and it’s fun to watch them slide around and try to stay upright on the ice,” Galyon said.

Along with the men’s and women’s tournaments in the fall, and the co-ed tournament in the spring, Recreation Services also offers a summer session for students staying in Ames.

Of all the intramurals at Iowa State, broomball is in the highest demand.