Dean of Students Office to hold an ice cream social to welcome students


Courtesy of the Dean of Students Office

Amber Mohmand

Bringing a warm welcome with a cold treat, the Dean of Students Office (DSO) will hand out free ice cream sundaes and popsicles outside the Student Services Building. 

“Chillin’ with the DSO” is the second annual event aimed to welcome new and returning students into the academic year while introducing them to the staff members. The event was created to help students get to know the Dean of Students Office staff and its resources. 

“We are excited to welcome new and returning students to campus with our second annual ‘Chillin’ with the DSO’ ice cream social,” said Vernon Hurte, dean of students. “We hope students will attend to learn about the Dean of Students Office services, resources and centers. Student success is the core mission of the DSO and this is a great way to meet students and learn how we can best support them while they’re here.”

There are 15 departments within the Dean of Students Office, including the Academic Success Center. The Academic Success Center offers assistance to students with programs such as Supplemental Instruction, which provides study sessions for students enrolled in traditionally difficult courses.

Another department is Student Counseling Services, located on the third floor of the Student Services building. The Student Counseling Services caters to students’ needs by offering counseling sessions, career exploration services and a Mind-Body Services Program free to all students.

Other departments within the DSO include Multicultural Student Affairs and Sorority and Fraternity Engagement, among others. 

The DSO provides resources catered towards students’ needs and provides a platform where students can voice their concerns. The event is directed towards students who are new to Iowa State so they can learn more about the participating departments. 

“Chillin’ with the DSO” will be held between 2 and 4 p.m. Wednesday in front of the Student Services building.