Required sexual assault training promotes awareness at Iowa State


Caitlin Yamada/Iowa State Daily

Sexual assault and harassment cases are happening everywhere across our nation and world, and it’s important that people are putting in the work to put an end to it, whether it be through educating others, standing up for victims or advocating for proper change. 

Logan Metzger

Classes have started, campus is packed and the annual Sexual Assault Prevention Training has started at Iowa State. This required student training explains the purpose and implications of Title IX in depth, as well as signs of sexual assault and abuse and strategies to prevent it.

Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972 is a federal law that states: “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.”

“This training is part of what it means to be a part of the Iowa State community,” said Margo Foreman, assistant vice president for Diversity and Inclusion and Equal Opportunity. “Part of that is to understand this is a place where folks want to be treated with respect, be free from discrimination and harassment in general but especially sexual misconduct because it is so traumatic.”

Every year, all students at Iowa State, no matter their year in school, must complete the Sexual Assault Prevention Training, which is listed as a course on Canvas. Students who have taken the course in previous years must complete the refresher course instead of the original one. Student employees must complete an additional second course, which highlights sexual harassment in the workplace.

The Sexual Assault Prevention Training takes an average of 45 minutes to complete, and because it is a Canvas course that can be completed in segments, students who do not have 45 consecutive minutes can work on it over multiple sessions.

Foreman said part one of the course — the main training module — must be completed by Sept. 9, and part two — a follow up survey — must be completed by Sept. 30.

“People will say ‘I don’t have the time to do this.’ Well, you don’t have the time to waste, because there may be something going on that you can prevent if you know what to do,” Foreman said.

Iowa State has required Title IX training for students since 2014, but switched vendors in 2018 to Everfi, which is the same vendor that supplies AlcoholEdu for freshman at Iowa State. The refresher course all returning students have to take is new this year for Everfi, though it was used for old vendors.

Foreman said it is hard to calculate the impact of the Sexual Assault Prevention Training, but she said there has been an increase in reports as more students at Iowa State become aware of their rights and what they can do about sexual assault.

For more Title IX resources or other information go to the Title IX Office, located in 3410 Beardshear Hall.