Record falls at ISU Open


Photo: Dani Harris/Iowa State Daily

Dani Stack blazed like a comet in the 10,000-meter run June 8. Stack ran in the NCAA Track and Field Championships at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. Stack and her team mate Betsy Saina took turns leading the pack during the race.

Mark Specht

The ISU Open is still in its early stages, but an ISU women’s track record has already been beaten.

The 1981 women’s distance medley record of 11:24.04, was broken by Dani Stack, Betsy Saina, Ejiro Okoro and Ese Okoro on Friday with a time of 11:13.51.

Saina was told by coaches during the week that they could break the 31 year-old record, but she personally thought, “it’s too much.” As Saina checked her watch throughout the race it became clear to her that they would.

“For us to break it is a great start,” said assistant coach Sarah Vergote. ”Having that many good women together, usually we don’t race that, everyone [usually] runs different legs.”

The women took first place in the distance medley, as did the ISU men with a time of 10:03.

All ISU athletes and coaches are wearing red ribbons with the letters S and L to honor the former ISU track coach Steve Lynn who passed away Friday.

“He was somebody who you look up at the banners and he had a lot to do with that,” said ISU coach Corey Ihmels. “He’s an important part of our tradition.”