Stoffa: Movie Review: ‘Lincoln’



Gabriel Stoffa

I admire Daniel Day-Lewis‘ acting talent. The man is one of the greatest actors to have ever lived. That said, I don’t always really enjoy his movies. “Lincoln” is one of those times I enjoyed the movie well enough, but it didn’t rev me up or make me want to watch it again ever.

Now, for those looking for a wonderful job directing, Steven Spielberg does a fine job; it’s no “Schindler’s List,” but it is by no means Spielberg sluffing off.

The cast is full of aptly cast actors for their various roles, enough actors of note that I am not going to list all of them and merely direct you to look “here, to this link,” to really get into how awesome to might of a Spielberg film has when it comes to assembling all-stars.

Despite the directing and acting achievements, the story is a bit slow to me. It isn’t that details drag, but the pacing didn’t wrap my up. Often-times, for well-made or good movies, I become entranced with the film. I do not look at my watch or check for texts or even decide to interrupt the experience by getting up to use the gentleman’s lavatory; I just hold it. However, during “Lincoln” I got up to pee, got another snack, checked my watch and even took the time to listen to a voice mail before re-entering the auditorium.

Again, it isn’t that “Lincoln” isn’t good, but that it is such well-worn territory when it comes to the story — and that there is not a great deal of comedy, action or even intrigue — the dialogue plays out like reading an interesting but dry book. The acting can hardly be considered engrossing unless you are avidly dissecting the acting’ something I try to avoid until after the first viewing for enjoyment.

All in all, “Lincoln” was marvelous. It is going to be given multiple nods for awards, and even win a few, but it is not a film you need to see on a big screen. Catch it in a marathon viewing of other movies up up for awards when the season rolls around. Don’t skip seeing it, but don’t feel the need to rush out.