National Eating Healthy day

Megan Swindell

The American Heart Association celebrates November 7 as National Eating Healthy Day. 

Iowa State students in the Health Studies Worksite Health Promotion course take part in the day through a service learning project. 

“For the project we are targeting three dinning areas here on campus, which would be the Hub, the MU Market and the MU Café,” said Leah Garrett, senior in Kinesiology and Health. “We are putting up flyers in these areas and they each have four categories: lower in calories, lower in fat, higher protein and lower in sodium.”

The members from the class who are participating in the learning service project have picked out meals according to the preceding categories.

Garrett hopes that the labels will be a positive reminder for students when they are picking their meals and snacks throughout the day. 

American Heart Association encourages organizations to incorporate healthier food options as well as emphasize the importance of good nutrition, according to the American Heart Association website.

“I hope that this will encourage students to make more nutritional choices throughout their stay here,” said Garrett.