Cyclone men’s hockey club suspended under hazing investigation


Collin Maguire/ Iowa State Daily

The Men’s Cyclone Hockey Club is being investigated by Iowa State University under allegations of hazing.

Matt Belinson

Iowa State University is currently investigating multiple allegations of hazing and reported concerns related to the Men’s Cyclone Hockey Club.

In response to the allegations against the club, Iowa State has suspended all of the men’s team activities including practice, meetings, competition, recruiting and other activities.

According to a press release released Wednesday from the university, “The university’s investigation will focus on team hazing as well as the club’s finances, organizational structure and oversight by Recreation Services.”

Cyclone Hockey is not affiliated with Iowa State Athletics and is a club team, with a total of three men’s teams. Once the investigation is concluded, Iowa State will work with team representatives on a plan to restructure the club to align with other sport clubs in Recreation Services.

According to the release, the investigation of Cyclone Hockey “is separate and unrelated to the university’s ongoing health and safety review of all sport clubs and proposed recommendations for a sport club policy.”

In a letter sent to the Cyclone hockey and Recreation Services, Toyia K. Younger, Senior Vice President for Student Affairs, said the university became aware of hazing allegations in April.

Younger wrote in the letter, “On May 2, 2022, I received an investigation summary from the Office of Student Conduct regarding allegations of hazing involving Cyclone hockey, indicating there was evidence of sufficiently serious conduct in violation of the University’s hazing policy from Student Code of Conduct, section 5.14, at the club level.”

In the Iowa State student code of conduct, hazing is defined as “any intentional, knowing, or reckless action, request, or creation of circumstances that may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Endangers the mental or physical health or safety of any person; or

  • Causes or presents a substantial risk of physical injury, serious mental distress, or personal

    humiliation to any individual; or

  • Involves any act solely based on the classification status of a student; or

  • Involves the damage, destruction or removal of public or private property; or

  • Involves impairment of physical liberties, such as sensory deprivation, kidnapping, isolation, sleep or meal deprivation, and personal servitude;

  • Involves a violation of local, state, or federal law or university policy; or

  • Otherwise creates an interference with academic endeavors; And is in connection or associated with initiation or admission into, or continued membership in, or elevating status within any recognized student organization or group affiliated with the university, including but not limited to, any student, campus, fraternal, academic, honorary, musical, athletic, or military organization.