Gridiron Picks — Week 12

Jake Calhoun, sports editor (41-36)

Dean Berhow-Goll, assistant sports editor (48-29)

Alex Halsted, assistant sports editor (46-31)

Stephen Koenigsfeld, sports online editor (53-24)

Guest Pick: Matt Van Winkle, ISUtv sports director (39-31)


Iowa State vs. Kansas

Jake Calhoun: Iowa State — I know I’ve already lost my mind, but this game will be closer than people think.

Dean Berhow-Goll: Iowa State — This game is going to scare some ISU fans, but they’ll be happy afterward.

Alex Halsted: Iowa State — Paul Rhoads and Co. clinch the third bowl berth in four years. Only question is if Rhoads gives another big speech.

Stephen Koenigsfeld: Iowa State — The Cyclones become bowl-eligible, will make appearance in Bowl.

Matt Van Winkle: Iowa State — Cyclones become bowl-eligible in a close game with the Jayhawks.

Iowa vs. Michigan

Calhoun: Michigan — This is probably like a bowl game to Iowa since it won’t be going to one this year.

Berhow-Goll: Michigan — Denard, you’re getting put in timeout if you keep screwing me over.

Halsted: Michigan — Hail to the victors! Iowa’s bowl chances end with a loss to Michigan.

Koenigsfeld: Iowa — Oh yeah, I just did that. I bet you Iowa goes bowling, too.

Van Winkle: Michigan — Ferentz can keep living in his little dream world. B1G disappointment for Hawkeye fans this season.

Washington vs. Colorado

Calhoun: Washington — The term “blazing it up” receives a whole new meaning for this game.

Berhow-Goll: Washington — Houn, quit picking these stupid Washington games. However, I dub this the Stoner Bowl.

Halsted: Washington — The Huskies will win out and end the season with eight wins. Plus they won for me last week.

Koenigsfeld: Washington — Meanwhile, huskies (the dogs) are adorable.

Van Winkle: Washington — Colorado might be the worst team in college football. I wish it was still in the Big 12.

No. 21 USC vs. No. 17 UCLA

Calhoun: UCLA — Surf’s up, brah. Break out the war paint and watch Barkley bite a big one on the waves. Brah Bowl: That’s gnarly.

Berhow-Goll: USC — Is it wrong that I have a Matt Barkley poster on my ceiling above my bed?

Halsted: USC — Yes, the Trojans have been a letdown. I still think they’ll beat UCLA.

Koenigsfeld: USC — Battle of the Brahs.

Van Winkle: UCLA — Love the way Jim Mora has the Bruins playing. UCLA wins a close one to reach the Pac-12 Championship.

Utah State vs. No. 19 Louisiana Tech

Calhoun: Louisiana Tech — It may not be #MACtion, but a battle for the last-ever WAC title will make for some great #WACtion.

Berhow-Goll: Louisiana Tech — Another gem of a game. The only thing Utah State can do is beat Utah.

Halsted: Louisiana Tech — I don’t know anything about this game. But Louisiana Tech has been good this season and will win the WAC.

Koenigsfeld: Louisiana Tech — Who against who? Stats: Louisiana Tech looks good. Strength of schedule: F-

Van Winkle: Utah State — Utah State pulls off the upset to tie Louisiana Tech in the wacky WAC.

No. 14 Stanford vs. No. 1 Oregon

Calhoun: Oregon — I like the Ducks’ chances considering they’re now using actual robots to fill the three-deep.

Berhow-Goll: Oregon — I may transfer just to wear the jerseys since I’m being recruited, obviously.

Halsted: Oregon — Nobody can slow down the Ducks’ offense, especially not a Tree.

Koenigsfeld: Oregon — The Ducks’ third quarter scheme: kneel down. The whole third quarter.

Van Winkle: Oregon — Stanford’s freshman QB impressed in his first start last week, but Oregon keeps its title hopes alive.

UCF vs. Tulsa

Calhoun: Tulsa — I should really fire Stephen for his awful attempt at sarcasm.

Berhow-Goll: Tulsa — Tulsa is going to run all over UCF.

Halsted: Tulsa — The Golden Hurricane storm away with this one.

Koenigsfeld: Tulsa — This one is for all the marbles: the Conference USA Title!!!

Van Winkle: Tulsa — Battle of top C-USA teams. Golden Hurricane rushing attack too much for UCF to stop.