Sips and Paddy’s combat roach infestation

Trevor Werner

Sips, which has been a staple on Welch Avenue for more than a decade, was closed last Wednesday to clean out a number of roaches which were found Sept. 11 on the premises. Sips reopened Sept. 28 after a re-check inspection.

During a routine inspection, Brian Church, inspector in charge, discovered a number of issues within Sips and Paddy’s Irish Pub. Two of the four restrooms, as well as both three-composite sinks, were found to have no hot water.

There were toilets missing tank covers, and the inspector was unable to turn the handle of the three-composite sinks in the downstairs bar.

Several live roaches were found in the upstairs bar. A new pest control contractor was called during the inspection.

The Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals inspection noted:

“Initial inspection on [Sept. 11] found several live roaches at upstairs bar. Re-check inspection found at least 30 live roaches between the two bars. Roaches in the upstairs bathroom, under cash register, behind golf machine and downstairs at bar. Owner was notified that bar will be closed due to this issue. Pest control records on site show that pest control firm has been on site several times since last inspection.”

David Werning, public information officer for the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals, said: “All establishments are required to have a pesticide plan in place that prevents any type of infestation by roaches or any other insect.”

The owner of the bars, Andrew White, was unable to be reached for comment.

Church chose not to comment about the inspection.

During the follow-up inspection last Wednesday, evidence of roaches was still apparent, showing that the problem was not being appropriately addressed. Cracks and holes were found, as well as some missing baseboards. It was found that the back rooms and storage areas needed to be cleaned, as well as under and around the equipment and under the bars.

Due to the lack of attention to cleanliness, the bars closed last Wednesday.

The re-check on the status of the bars Friday found the following:

“Much work had been done on filling cracks and crevices, cleaning, painting and extensive treatment with a local pest control contractor. Records of pest control will be kept on site for review. Firm will be allowed to open at this time.”

The first inspection of Sips done by the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals took place Sept. 11. Prior to September, the city of Ames was in charge of the inspections.