Gridiron Picks — Week 9

Jake Calhoun, sports editor (29-27)

Dean Berhow-Goll, assistant sports editor (33-23)

Alex Halsted, assistant sports editor (31-25)

Stephen Koenigsfeld, sports online editor (38-18)

Guest Pick: Fred Hoiberg, ISU men’s basketball coach (26-23)


Baylor vs. Iowa State

Jake Calhoun: Iowa State — I originally picked Baylor, but its defense is the worst in the nation.

Dean Berhow-Goll: Iowa State — If there is one defense that Iowa State can put up points against, it’s this one.

Alex Halsted: Iowa State — It sounds homer-ish, but Iowa State needs two wins to go bowling and this seems like one of the easier ones.

Stephen Koenigsfeld: Iowa State — Iowa State is undefeated against Baylor in homecoming games.

Fred Hoiberg: Iowa State — The Cytennial homecoming will be special for Coach Rhoads and the Cyclones.

Iowa vs. Northwestern

Calhoun: Northwestern — Remember when I said James Vandenberg is not that good? Well, last week he proved that he’s horrible.

Berhow-Goll: Northwestern — The Wildcats seem to know how to win close games this year.

Halsted: Northwestern — It’s homecoming for Northwestern, which is a poor reason to pick the Wildcats. Oh well.

Koenigsfeld: Northwestern — I’m perfect when picking Hawkeye games this season. It’d be upsetting to end the streak now. Go ‘Cats.

Hoiberg: Northwestern — The ‘Cats have the Hawks’ number.

No. 3 Florida vs. No. 12 Georgia

Calhoun: Florida — If actually picking Florida backfires, I’m firing Stephen and inheriting his wins in Gridiron Picks.

Berhow-Goll: Florida —The Gators’ running scheme is called “God’s Play” and it’s getting them more than 200 rushing yards per game.

Halsted: Florida — I’ve picked against Florida multiple times, and multiple times I’ve been wrong. Maybe the Gators are for real.

Koenigsfeld: Florida — In my book, this is the No. 2 team in the nation right now. The Gators are for real, you guys.

Hoiberg: Florida — I have to pick the program where our Director of Player Development, Micah Byars, played at.

No. 15 Texas Tech vs. No. 4 Kansas State

Calhoun: Kansas State — Get off Bill Snyder’s lawn, you delinquent kids. He’ll put up 55 on ya and beat you to death with his walking cane.

Berhow-Goll: Kansas State — I’ve doubted Kansas State before; I won’t do it again.

Halsted: Kansas State — Bill Snyder is magical and his team will escape undefeated.

Koenigsfeld: Kansas State — It’s been confirmed this week: Collin Klein is Bill Snyder’s great-great-great-great-great nephew.

Hoiberg: Kansas State — There is no stopping Collin Klein and company.

No. 20 Michigan vs. Nebraska

Calhoun: Michigan — Even Bo Pelini thinks the Big Ten sucks. #bopelinifunfacts

Berhow-Goll: Michigan — Come on Denard. Give me a little help, would ya?

Halsted: Nebraska — The Cornhuskers take control of the…what are the Big Ten divisions again?

Koenigsfeld: Nebraska — Michigan could barely handle struggling Michigan State. Huskers roll.

Hoiberg: Nebraska — Go Big Red. This is the day the Blackshirts make a statement.

No. 5 Notre Dame vs. No. 8 Oklahoma

Calhoun: Oklahoma — Dean would be a bro and pick Notre Dame.

Berhow-Goll: Notre Dame — Notre Dame is built to play in the SEC and Manti Te’o is my favorite college football player this year.

Halsted: Oklahoma — Notre Dame has looked beatable in recent weeks and the Sooners are on a roll. Goodbye top 10 for the Irish.

Koenigsfeld: Oklahoma — Notre Dame has beaten a team from almost every conference this year, but it won’t get one against the Big 12.

Hoiberg: Oklahoma — OU will show that the Big 12 is the best conference in the nation.

No. 13 Mississippi State vs. No. 1 Alabama

Calhoun: Alabama — If Mississippi State wasn’t maroon and nicknamed the Bulldogs, I’d actually remember its existence. Roll Tide.

Berhow-Goll: Alabama — The Tide are a cut above the rest. Not much else to it.

Halsted: Alabama —The Tide are far above the rest of the country. Roll damn Tide.

Koenigsfeld: Alabama — The only time I’ll pick against Alabama is if it plays Bill Snyder’s great-great-great-great-great nephew.

Hoiberg: Alabama — Roll Tide.