follow-up on Legacy “Fall”

Megan Swindell

Ames Police Cmdr. Jim Robinson stated that the investigation is still active.

“It was an overt action on his own and whether it was a jump or fall is undetermined,” Robinson said. “We are still waiting to interview [Christian McKee, the victim].”

Robinson added that there is no criminal activity suspected as McKee was the only one out on the balcony at that time.

“We were told that the victim had frequented many parties that evening, so it is possible that alcohol was present,” Robinson said.

Pamela Anthony, Dean of Students, said that the University is not a part of the investigation. “I can’t confirm anything about an individual student’s case.”

Both Robinson and Anthony encourage students to practice general safety.

“[The Ames Police] would ask students to be careful and not to overindulge in alcohol,” Robinson said. “The railing was there for a purpose and he engaged in very dangerous activity.”

“Any time a student experiences a tragic event, the school is always available to reach out to any individual seeking help.”