Destination Iowa State hires new leaders for kickoff

Morgan Fleener

With the end of the school year quickly approaching, many future students are making plans and commitments to prepare in becoming new students at Iowa State.

Having a fresh start and adventure, new students can make their first couple days on campus kick off by participating in Destination Iowa State.

Four hundred forty current ISU students have been selected to lead, guide and support groups of 12 to 15 incoming students at Destination Iowa State and help kick off the 2012-2013 academic years.

A little more than 4,440 students attended orientation last year that helps provide students great opportunities, activities and information that will allow them to start their journey off as a Cyclone in the best way possible.

Destination Iowa State graduate assistant Amy Tucker said she feels that applying to be a Destination Iowa State team leader is a great position to go for to seek good leadership and get more involved on campus by welcoming the new Cyclones.

“My favorite part of Destination Iowa State is working with the team leaders and seeing their growth from the time I hire them to the last day of Destination Iowa,” Tucker said. “Any current student who is interesting in applying for Destination Iowa State 2013 is encouraged to apply when the application becomes available at the end of August 2012.”

Team leaders work under Cyclone Aides, who are undergraduate student leaders who watch over the team leaders and also help in facilitating various functions in new student programs during the year.

Cyclone Aide Jake Hinrichsen said he has enjoyed his experience of providing new students with valuable resources they can attain in their educational learning and is extremely excited to serve as a mentor to the team leaders.

“I like being able to work with some many types of people,” Hinrichsen said. “It’s great to be able to help Destination Iowa State and help the new students love Iowa State.”

Kassandra Fisch, junior in genetics, was one of the students selected from a group of applicants who will take on the position as a team leader for Destination Iowa State.

Fisch said she looks forward to being able to help the new students have as much fun as she had when she attended Destination Iowa State in her first few days in the Ames community.

“I’m looking forward to getting to help new students learn about the campus I’ve come to love so much myself,” Fisch said.

ISU students that wish to apply to become a Destination Iowa State team leader or a Cyclone Aide can apply online or contact Amy Tucker at 515-294-6660 or via email at [email protected]