GSB to vote on funding 5 bills

Charles O'Brien

The last Government of the Student Body before Spring Break will feature presentations by Iowa State Parking Division and Freshman Council.

Following the presentations, GSB will be voting on whether or not to fund five different bills.

The first bill is “Mock Trial National Competition,” which is asking that $599.60 be allocated to the Mock Trial Club so it can pay for transportation to St. Louis.

The next bill is “Funding a Band for Cyclone Ballroom Event,” which is asking that $740 be allocated for the Cyclone Ballroom’s Masquerade Ball.

The third bill, “Funding Transportation to an ISU Bhangra Event,” is looking to be allocated $193.86 for the ISU Bhangra Club to pay for transportation to a competition.

The fourth bill, “Funding the Sociology Department’s Human Diversity and Relations Committee,” is asking that $630 be funded to the committee to pay for a public event put on by the sociology department.

The last bill is “Funding South Sudanese Student Association Cultural Night,” which is asking that $1,500 be allocated to the South Sudanese Student Association so that the group can put on a multicultural event on March 24.