International bazaar educates, entertains

Presha Kardile, sophomore in civil engineering and event coordinator for the Indian Students Association, gives a henna tattoo to another student during the International Bazaar on Tuesday, Nov. 8, in the Pioneer Room of the Memorial Union. A variety of international student organizations had tables set up at the bazaar with samples of tea and coffee, photos, posters, henna and origami.

Ted Sics

The aroma of exotic teas mingled with a medley of acoustic songs as the International Student Council hosted its annual bazaar in the Pioneer Room of the Memorial Union on Tuesday.

The event, a part of International Week — a yearly celebration of Iowa State’s cultural diversity — showcased arts, crafts, languages and cuisines from a wide selection of countries.

“[International Week] is a long-standing tradition,” said Ahmad Al-Saygh, senior in community and regional planning and president of the International Student Council. “It’s there to keep it alive.”

The International Student Council hosts events such as the bazaar not only to bring international students together but to educate and entertain anyone interested in multiculturalism.

“It’s not just for international students, it’s also for Americans to experience cultures from other countries,” said Yiting Li, senior in accounting.

Attending the bazaar allows students to gain new experiences.

“Iowa State, having all these organizations including the ISC, gives opportunities for students to explore different cultures and understand them and make them receptive to different experiences here,” said Kanchana Perera, senior in chemical engineering and bazaar organizer.