Orange Leaf: By the numbers


Photo: David Derong/Iowa State Daily

The popular self-serve yogurt chain Orange Leaf opened up shop in Ames on Aug. 4 at the corner of Lincoln Way and Grand Avenue.

Daily Staff

In case you haven’t heard about it constantly on Facebook and Twitter, Orange Leaf has taken over Ames with its sugary, multi-flavored buzz. 

The self-serve frozen yogurt store, which allows customers to pile up the flavors and toppings and pay by the ounce, opened on Lincoln Way on Aug. 4. 

Owner John Shelton said hundreds of bowls have been served each day since then, racking up thousands of sales per week.

Other notable numbers from Orange Leaf:

16: flavors available at any time. The company offers as many as 50 that will rotate in and out.

36: toppings available at any time. Likewise, more toppings will enter the rotation as time goes on.

45: cents per ounce.

26-54: calories per ounce of yogurt (varies by flavor).

30: fat-free flavors.

10: percent of proceeds given back to local organizations during charity nights. Shelton said the branch also will make donations to an orphanage in Mexico.

3: bright orange couches decorating the store.

1,900: square feet of the store.

1: retail location still available in the old Hollywood Video location. The other two will be filled with a Game Stop and a Marines recruiting station, with Orange Leaf completing the four.