Hawthorn Market and Cafe now open for business


Kait McKinney

Students flock to Hawthorn Cafe at Frederickson Court to try out the new options the dining center has just implemented.

Frances Myers

ISU students living in Frederiksen Court will now be able to experience improved dining in Hawthorn Market and Cafe, which opened Thursday after undergoing renovations over the summer.

“Just like with any other opening, there have been a few bumps and hiccups along the road,” said Kristi Patel, assistant director of Campus Dining Services.

Contractors and renovators turned the dining center over to ISU Dining after finishing up renovations last Saturday

“We’ve had five days to turn around and get the center ready, but it’s a process,” Patel said. “It’s a process of training not only for the students working here, but also for the customers.”

According to an ISU Dining press release, Frederiksen Court underwent a construction project that included new ordering kiosks and a self-serve, one-time-through buffet at Hawthorn, 24/7 access to the Frederiksen Court Community Center as well as an overall expansion of the Frederiksen Court Department of Residence staff offices.

Originally set to open up in early August before students arrived for the school year, construction delays caused the dining center’s opening to be delayed until yesterday.

“I’ve eaten here for the past three years, usually about once a week, since I’ve lived here,” said Aubrey Dalbec, junior in environmental science. “I’m neutral on all the changes, but overall I think they’re a little better than last year.”

Maggie Steinhart, sophomore in agricultural business, was more enthusiastic about the renovations.

“I think they’re a lot better,” Steinhart said. “There are more options, and I’m really looking forward to when they install the touch-screen ordering.”

Both Steinhart and Dalbec agreed that the new number system was a vast improvement.

“Now the center has televisions set up with what number is being served,” Dalbec said. “So now instead of workers calling out what meal is up, people can see when their number appears.”

“It makes it a lot less confusing for the workers,” Steinhart said. “I think it will make everything just a lot easier to deal with.”