Iowa State students line up summer of internships, networking

Every May, Iowa State’s student body disperses from the Ames area. Some students return home or spend the warm months traveling, while others secure internships or spend their summer working.

Hayden Walker, junior in mechanical engineering, has a somewhat busy summer ahead of him.

“I’ll probably go home a decent [amount] of time, just to see my parents, since I haven’t seen them a lot over the year,” Walker said. “I’ve got a fishing trip to Canada with my dad, and also maybe a trip to San Diego with my mom’s side of the family.”

In between trips home and traveling with his parents, Walker will be working in the Materials Preparation Center in the Ames Lab.

“I’m just excited to have something where I feel like I’m gonna be doing something that I’m interested in,” Walker said.

Walker will not be the only student choosing to reside in Ames this summer.

“I’m going to work here [at the Bookstore] most of the time,” said Jane Joiner, sophomore in pre-business. “And then just hang out at the pool and stuff.”

Some students are choosing to use summer as an opportunity to further their professional skills and gain internship experience.

“This summer, I will be an operational engineer intern in Kalamazoo, Michigan,” said Martha Hodapp, junior in mechanical engineering.

Gayle Yii, freshman in industrial engineering, will use this summer as an opportunity to head back home and visit with family and friends.

“I’m 17, so actually I’m going to still be in high school,” Yii said. “I’m an international student so I’ll be going back home to see all of my friends and probably go back to school to [visit].”

While some students are gaining experience through internships and others are going on trips to warm destinations, one major at Iowa State is letting students do both this summer.

The Apparel Merchandising and Design program is taking a group of students to Los Angeles where they will gain insight into certain brands and companies.

“I want to expand my networking for sure, because we’re going to meet a lot of big individuals and get that chance to network, and plus I love L.A., I’ve been there three times already,” said Grace Erickson, junior in apparel, merchandising and design. “I would love for an internship opportunity to come out of it, so that’s probably my main goal.”

Whether you are a student choosing to reside in Ames and lay low for the summer or head somewhere else to fill your free time, be sure to enjoy these next three months off.