5 random classes to take at Iowa State

Amy Thompson

1. Introduction to beer, wine and spirits; HRI 383: Students sit in a lecture hall and test different types of alcohol; you do have to be 21 to take the class. Typically students take it pass/not pass, because it can be a hard class; study-wise, not drinking-wise. 

2. Mass Media and Society; JlMC 101: Anyone who took it when Barbara Mack will agree. She will no longer be teaching it, but it’s still a worthwhile class, as it takes a broad look at the media. Plenty of students take it, from design to animal ecology to journalism majors. 

3. Human Sexuality; HD FS 276: Previous students claim that the class is entertaining. But a class nonetheless. There are clicker assignments and quizzes. Another good class to take pass/not pass when you need a random couple of credits to round out your schedule.

4. Film Studies; English 335: If you like to watch movies, like to learn about movies and want to take a class all about movies, this is the class for you. The topic changes every semester, so one can retake the class and watch different movies.

5. Walking for Fitness; KIN 164: Need I say more? One credit class to just walk. Make sure you go to class though.