Faces in the Crowd

Ted Sics

What are your thoughts on Monty’s/Troy’s?

Rob Baker: “It’s a really nice barbershop atmosphere that you don’t get with some of your more retail haircutting joints.”

SSG Gregg Hochderffer: “I do a lot of talking, he does a lot of good listening . . . most places aren’t like that.”

Wendal Johnston: “I love coming in here and making fun of everything they do!”

Roy & Myrna Cakerice: “Troy is a people person . . . . [He] is happy to be . . . amongst this part of the community, and he’s planned to be close to the college kids ‘cause that’s the group he really like to work with.”

Jeff Stroburg: “. . . [The] first time I came here [Monty and I] talked about . . . what I did, personal things. I came back and he remembered everything . . . .”