WebFilings brings jobs to Ames

Paige Godden

WebFilings, a company that claims it offers the first and only end‐to‐end solution for external financial reporting, will be bringing jobs to Ames.

The company will be based out of Los Altos, Calif., and Ames.

The company received a grant from the Iowa Department of Economic Development.

Dan Culhane, president and CEO of the Ames Chamber of Commerce, said WebFilings and the city had to work together to get the grant.

“The way it works is the company makes the application, but the city has to sponsor it. You and I couldn’t just go into the state house for money, there has to be some check and balance. The city has to say this is a company in our community that is sponsored by the city of Ames,” Culhane said.

According to the news release, “This newly approved funding package expands upon previous grant and loan support that WebFilings has received from the State of Iowa and the Ames community; as well as employee training grants that are administered through Des Moines Area Community College.”

Culhane said he thinks the impact of the company will be threefold.

“This really puts Ames on the map as a place for information technology and software development,” Culhane said. “Because we have a world-class institution, it just gives me hope that there are graduates that may very well stay in Ames.”

Culhane said he believes Ames is “always trying to court companies that will employ graduates, grow the economy and grow the per capita incomes.”

He said giving young people who graduate from Iowa State the opportunity to stay in the area is what makes Ames vibrant.

“Young people is what makes Ames even more vibrant, I should say. It creates excitement and enthusiasm. I think you always want to keep the people who are adding vibrancy to the community,” Culhane said.

Culhane said that while Ames handled the recession quite well, it’s still his hope that the city will see an uptick in housing.

In the news release, CEO of WebFilings Matthew Rizai said, “We sincerely appreciate the ongoing support we have received from the state of Iowa and the Ames community … The partnership we have has contributed substantially to the success we have attained thus far. We are ahead of our job creation projections and are very excited about the future growth opportunities for our Iowa operations.”