Fitness Challenge: Chelsea Davis, introduction

Chelsea Davis

Chelsea Davis, News Editor:

Health and fitness assessment: Since high school my eating habits haven’t changed as much (though it’s more sporadic throughout the day) but the amount of exercise I do every week definitely has. I danced three to five times a week from third grade to my senior year of high school. Once I started college, though, my dancing was left on the back burner. I was involved in Orchesis I Dance Company my freshman year and I am in Dub H (the ISU Hip Hop Club) this year but I know that these are not enough.

Goal: exercise at least three times a week (running, lifting weights, stretching) and to start eating at “normal” times every day.

Challenges: finding times in my schedule to fit meals and trips to the gym.

How to achieve goal: doing exactly what I said above – eat three healthy meals every day and go to the gym at least three times a week.