LOF-Xpress offers different experience


Photo: Logan Gaedke/Iowa State Daily

Ben Sage, manager, inspects a vehicle during an oil change Saturday at Lube Oil Filter Xpress, 520 S. Duff. LOF-Xpress opened Nov. 15 and has been exceeding its expected number of cars per day. Customers can watch their oil change being performed and are offered coffee or tea while they wait.

Emily Eitmann

Ted Sage, owner of the new LOF-Xpress, has lived in Ames with his wife for more than 30 years. They both attended Iowa State and fell in love under the Campanile.

LOF-Xpress, located at 520 S. Duff, is a brand new car shop that specializes in lube, oil and filters. What makes this shop unique from others is that you can actually get an “in-car experience.” Sage has set up a system in his shop that allows you to stay in your car while it’s being worked on. There are TVs and a little barista bar where you can have your pick of many coffees and hot chocolate — all complimentary. But if this isn’t your style, you can wait in the new lounge area.

Sage is bringing integrity back to the maintenance shop. In order to do this, he has installed cameras and microphones in the shop that will have a direct link to the LOF-Xpress website, so you can check on what was being said while you were getting your car fixed. He said so many shops are over-charging young people with car repairs; this way, if a customer doesn’t remember what the mechanic had told them needed fixed or replaced, they can go back to the website, watch the scenario and do their own research.

Another unique aspect LOF-Xpress offers is the “Early Bird Special.” Sage created this when he owned the Jiffy Lube down the street 20 years ago. Between 6 and 8 a.m. you can get your oil changed for just $18.99. The special is offered Monday through Friday. LOF-Xpress also offers free self-serve air, vacuum and window cleaning. Also, Sage is building an 85-foot Tunnel Car Wash that is set to open Nov. 2011 with construction beginning this summer.