City Council to discuss possible community vision project

Chelsea Davis

The Ames City Council will discuss the possibility of developing an overall community vision Tuesday.

In looking at what Dubuque accomplished in creating a community vision, Susan Gwiasda, city of Ames public relations officer, proposed a similar course of action to develop Ames’ community vision.

Dubuque began its ENVIS10N project in 2005. Hundreds of community meetings resulted in a list of 2,332 ideas. The list was whittled down to 200.

A selection committee narrowed down the ideas to 100, then the community voted and narrowed it down even more to 30. Finally the selection committee compiled a list of the 10 finalists.

Since the announcement of the 10 finalists in January 2006, the majority of the projects have either been completed or started.

Steve Schainker, city manager, developed a list of questions the council should consider in making their decision regarding Ames’ community vision:

1. Do you still want to pursue the goal of creating a vision for the community?

2. If so, when is the appropriate time to begin the process that will necessitate extensive public input?

3. Who should lead this endeavor, a paid consultant or community volunteers?

4. Since no funds have been budgeted for this endeavor, from where should the funds come?

5. Who should be represented on a steering committee to oversee this effort?

The council will also be discussing Ames’ growth strategy.

The council is considering modifying terminology in the Land Use Policy Plan that would call for:

Allowable growth areas: those lands that would be supported for development within the city limits; and

Incentivized growth areas: those areas within the Allowable Growth Areas where the City Council will apply the Capital Investment Strategy.

The currently adopted growth strategy supports growth to areas shown in the attached PDF.

Also on the agenda are the Ames Intermodal Facility TIGER II grant application and a request for the Main Street Cultural District’s MusicWalk, an annual event in September.