Updated: Electricity restored but flooding continues


Photo: Logan Gaedke/Iowa State Daily

A group of friends play in a flooded area of the Southeast Intramural Fields on Tuesday. Flooding is expected to peak in most areas by midnight Wednesday.

Chelsea Davis

For more than two hours Tuesday morning, more than 500 Ames residents in the Top-O-Hollow area were without power.

Customers without electricity after Tuesday morning’s thunderstorm included those living in the Stone Brook subdivision, the North Grand Mall area and along Clark Avenue and Kellogg Avenue south to City Hall, according to the city of Ames.

Donald Kom, director of Ames Electric Services, said there was equipment damage to the Top-O-Hollow substation, including several blown fuses.

“Several weather events this summer have affected our customers, and we always take action immediately to assess the situation,” Kom said in a news release. “We appreciate their patience and understanding as we work as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible to return power.”

Also because of the additional rainfall this morning, water levels of Skunk River and Squaw Creek are continuing to be monitored.

Both are expected to crest at or above Monday’s flood levels Tuesday afternoon or early evening, according to the Ames Water and Pollution Control Department.

Crest predictions from the city of Ames will be released early this afternoon.

Second Update at 5:30 p.m.:

By 11 p.m., the Skunk River will reach a 23.5-foot crest at the Highway 30 river gauge.

Currently, water is pooling in the southeast part of the Super Walmart parking lot.  At this level, S.E. 16th Street could be topped with water and closed, according to the City of Ames.

By 8 p.m., the Skunk River at Riverside will reach a 14.5-foot crest.

Currently, the North River Valley parking lot has been closed and water is visible in North and South River Valley Parks, according to the City of Ames.

By 7 p.m., the Squaw Creek at Lincoln Way will reach a 11-foot crest.

Currently, water is in the field behind the Boys and Girls Club of Story County, in Veenker Memorial Golf Course and in Brookside Park.  The Brookside Park parking lot is closed and the skate park is filled with water.  It is possible at this level for water to top 6th Street at Brookside Park near the railroad underpass, according to the City of Ames.

To report hazardous conditions or damage, call the Ames Police Department: 515-239-5133.

Also, residents can access recorded information about river monitoring at the Flood Hotline: 515-239-5670.