Candidate for Senate speaks against war in Afghanistan

Chelsea Davis

More jobs. Less war.

Joe Lynch, of Ames, held this sign before Bob Krause, Democratic candidate for Senate, spoke Wednesday afternoon at the War Memorial in downtown Ames.

“There is a lot of international outsourcing,” Krause said. “Nouriel Roubini, who was part of the Clinton administration, predicted a big crash a year before it happened.”

Roubini has predicted over the next 10 years that the U.S. will lose one out of every four jobs that exist today.

“In this latest crash, we lost 17 million jobs,” Krause said. “We will lose two times as many through outsourcing in the long run. That’s 34.5 million jobs.”

Krause spoke of the challenges current college graduates are facing.

“College students are graduating with great credentials,” Krause said.  “But there’s nothing for them to do.”

He said the U.S. needs to develop a stimulus package to get young kids up front and working again.

Krause’s main focus of the rally, though, was to show his support for protests of the war in Afghanistan.

“We’re in Afghanistan illegally, occupying the country with no legal basis,” said Jerry Lamsa, former ISU physics professor. “Drop bread, not bombs. The country is extremely poor; we need to do what we can for their agriculture.”

The 1,001st death of American soliders occurred today, Krause said.

“We have not only spent blood and money in Afghanistan, but we’re alienating a culture and creating more enemies than we had at the start,” Krause said.

Krause said in 2009 the estimated cost of the war for that year was $172 billion.

“This is the equivalent of what we’re trying to find for the second stimulus package,” Krause said. “It’s a huge chunk of the national budget.”

Krause localized his cause by saying more needs to be done in Ames to make a difference for the nation.

He would like to see a wind power research center in Iowa, since Iowa State has leading engineers in the field.

“The largest one is currently in China,” Krause said. “It should be here.  If we bring that here we could reduce our footprint in the Middle East dramatically.”

Krause then discussed the dilemma at Guantanamo Bay.

“We made the mistake early on in the war of calling the detainees enemy combatants and not soldiers,” Krause said. “If we had called them soldiers they would have fallen under the Geneva Conventions and would have been considered prisoners of war.”

Krause said he supports moving them to Thomson, Ill., a site that has been recommended by President Obama.

“Guantanamo has become an international eyesore for us,” Krause said.

Lynch asked Krause to speak on criticisms that this war will be another Vietnam War.

“The longer we’re there, the more our tentacles will spread to other countries,” Krause said. “If Pakistan, a nuclear power, becomes destabilized strange things could happen.”

Krause said he wants to establish an international peace conference where the powers surrounding Afghanistan were regulated to stabilize the country as a neutral nation like Switzerland.

Krause also said there are a lot of private operators in the country acting as interrogators.

“This should never happen,” Krause said. “It’s cost us a lot of international embarrassments.”

Krause ended the rally when he said he believes “chances are wonderful of getting Sen. Grassley out.”