Misguided response

Matt Kuhns

Last year ISU’s administration came down on the side of reason in most campus controversies, but in regards to President Jischke’s decision on Veishea, I think someone has their head on backwards.

The whole response to last year’s tragedy is fundamentally misguided. If someone had been killed near “Taste of Chicago” this summer, would cancelling the festival be a sensible solution? Of course not. The same is true here.

As for the alcohol issue, based on what I observed last year, drinking is a big part of Veishea for a lot of people. Is this something to be proud of? No. But it is a reality.

It’s also a reality that many people are going to drink Veishea weekend no matter what the university decides; the only question is whether there will be any alternatives to getting drunk.

Matt Kuhns


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