Review: For those who can get a hold of one, the PS5 is everything fans had hoped for

The new PlayStation 5 has proven incredibly difficult to obtain due to scalpers.

Jeshua Glover

For those lucky enough to have access to Sony’s next generation video gaming console, the PlayStation 5 (PS5), it was a major relief to be able to obtain one. The newest console in the PlayStation series has been the most innovative and exciting system yet, operating on the cutting edge of modern technology that shows gamers what true speed is all about.

The PS5 is noticeably different from the last generation PS4 in multiple ways. Most notably, the PS5 is enormous compared to previous PlayStation systems. Measuring at a whopping 40 centimeters, it is larger than the PS4 Pro by almost 10 inches in height. 

While the design is very sleek for the digital version, the Blu-ray Disc option is a bit bulky. The only difference between the two designs is that the latter has an option to insert physical discs into it. 

The most noteworthy change has been the custom Solid State Drive (SSD) that allows games to be loaded onto your screen within seconds. As such, loading speed has been shown to be at least 19 times faster than the PS4 Pro. 

As with every new console generation, a jump in graphical presentation is expected, this is also the case for the PS5. The PS5 runs at the standard 4k 60/fps (frames per second), but also has an option to run at up to 8k 120/fps. The major leap is definitely noticeable on any standard television set, but to experience all that the new system is capable of, the purchase of a new TV with 4k capabilities is suggested.

Additionally, for those who want to get all the bang for their buck, fans may want to spring for a TV that holds the rare HDMI 2.1 extension, with the purchase of a new HDMI cable, to experience the 8k 120/fps option. This route may be costly, but the 8k presentation will be reality shattering.

The new system also boasts a bigger amount of storage, with 1 terabyte (TB) being the maximum for the base console with about 825 gigabytes (GB) of usable storage. This is not the end though, as the new console also comes with an additional port on the inside to fit additional storage. 

Another big leap has been the redesign of the PlayStation controller, with the addition of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, when pressing the trigger buttons (R2 & L2) midgame, they will have additional resistance.

Unlike the PS4’s DualShock 4 controller, players can’t just spam these buttons during any game at any time. Depending on the situation and the game, players will receive resistance from the controller. 

While the controller is significantly heavier than the DualShock 4 with bulkier handles, its balancing makes for a better fit in hand. The controller also has a built-in mic for those with no headsets and there is also a mute option on the controller. The battery doesn’t last long, with about 13 hours of game time until it needs to be charged.

One obvious misfortune that comes with the PS5 is trying to get a hold of one in the first place. Even with mass stock orders at companies like Target, Best Buy, GameStop and Amazon, scalpers have been depleting sellers of their PS5 consoles in order to sell them for a marginal profit themselves.

Luckily for prospective buyers, there are resources such as YouTuber and streamer Jake Randall, as well as restock alert pages such as “PS5 Only,” that are there to help notify the public of restocks and help shut scalpers down.

The PS5 lives up to its hype with new controller features, lightning-fast SSD, and hyperrealistic graphics. 

Overall Rating of the PS5: 8.7/10