Julissa Garcia

Have you ever felt like you never fit in?

Like no matter what you did,

The space you occupied didn’t welcome you.

Have you ever felt lost?

Like no matter what turn you took

It wasn’t the place people wanted you to be in

So you keep wandering

As if they were the deciding factors

Cause I’m still lost

in these trauma-filled thoughts

That continue to feed my depression

My family lost in everything I am doing right

Not realizing what inside I am feeling so wrong

Lost in my own way to be

In a culture I call my own

But I can’t even keep that part of me

because there always seems to be someone who feels justified to take it away from me

Laughter in the cursed American accent that appears each time I try to roll my r’s

How can she be Latina, if she’s not fluent in Spanish?

Lost – Perdida

By maybe they’re lost

Lost in the assumption that in order to be a member of my culture, I have to be fluent in a language built on genocide and discrimination of indigenous people???

So maybe I’m not lost

They are

Always trying to find a place where I fit

Lost in society’s ideals of always putting people in certain places

When reality is,

I’m someone that will never fit

Dead end